Starts with our brioche shell, filled with peanut butter buttercream, topped with concord grape glaze (made from organic grapes)


Starts with our brioche dough filled with cheesecake and topped with seasonal fruit glaze and graham cracker crumble

Old Fashioned “The OG”

This is the donut that started it all for us. It is made of equal parts flour and sour cream (nothing to do with the drink), making the inside texture stunning. Add to it our signature Old Fashioned glaze which is made up of buttermilk and organic lemon zest makes this doughnut truly special and our first love

Buttermilk with Sprinkles

Starts with our old fashioned base covered in rich vanilla buttermilk glaze, topped with naturally colored sprinkles

White Chocolate Passionfruit

Starts with our old fashioned ring covered in Valrhona white chocolate glaze and drizzled with passionfruit glaze

Lemon Poppy

Starts with our brioche base covered in lemon glaze made from organic lemons, topped with poppyseeds

Maple Bacon

Starts with our brioche-based dough (think lots of butter) that is finished with maple glaze and nitrate-free applewood smoked bacon

Salted Chocolate

Starts with our chocolate old fashioned base covered in a mix of Valrhona milk and dark chocolate topped with course Maldon salt


Starts with our brioche dough, then we mix in seasonal organic fruit and spices, then topped with our vanilla buttermilk glaze



Q: Why a donut shop?
A: Jackie is a Milwaukee native, classical fine-dining trained chef that has worked at Michelin starred and fine dining restaurants in Napa, Oakland and Milwaukee. After a trip back to the west coast, we decided it was time to start our own projects that are near and dear to our hearts. First being a donut shop!
Q: How did you name your donut shop?
A: We had been reading a lot of cookie monster books with our daughter who was three at the time and she told us one morning while she was eating a donut that she was a donut monster. Both of us looked at each other and said, “Well that was easy”.
Q: What is Donut Monster’s mission?
A: Our mission is to provide donuts made of quality ingredients.
Q: How are you accomplishing your mission?
A: We are doing this by making donuts without artificial colors or flavors. We use quality organic fruit concentrates for our glazes, so our fruit flavors stand out and taste of quality fruit. Our donuts are inherently less sweet than others due to a balance of acidity, salt and sweet.  Also, whenever possible we prefer to use hometown products, for example the butter we use is from a dairy near Manitowoc (near where Sara grew up).